Grow business & community capital

Tools for this section are under development

In this section we are developing a way for a group of entrepreneurs working together with members of their community to find the capital they need from within their community. The resulting portfolio of investments in community businesses is a community investment portfolio.

See an example of a community investment portfolio that is under development here.

As you’ll see, tools under development for this step will include a means of tracking membership, investments, returns and governance of the portfolio.

We want your help though. What do you need, especially as a group of entrepreneurs, to approach community investors who have time, land, buildings, equipment, and yes, money? Think about capital broadly, what does it really take to get started and how can you organize to find it within your community (so the ownership stays in your community)? There are no crazy ideas here. This is an opportunity to talk directly with the development team, and help us help you.


Slow Money

Is this effort associated with Slow Money or another group?  If another group, which one?

Slow Money

Thanks for your question, Jan. is not affiliated with Slow Money.   However, when entrepreneurs reach the point in the development of their businesses where access to financial capital is their next step, investment via Slow Money is certainly worthy of consideration.  Your profile notes experience with Slow Money.  How do you suggest we present the steps entrepreneurs may take to access Slow Money funds as their business cases warrant?

Local Foods

Hi there. Do you know if local (organic) farms can qualify for grants or get tax breaks? This will be our third year here in Indiana, and we're excited about growing, but to do so, we'll need some help. We're thinking about purchasing many equipment upgrades, teejets, pumps, etc. Some of the larger farms are going to toss in some borrowed equipment as well. (I'm sure there are some tax breaks there, too!) :)

Any help is helpful. Thanks.

Local foods.

I think every state and country has a different taxing policies. It can possible that, in Indiana is taking more taxes on farming equipments like pumps. Now, what you need to do is check the local farming equipment prices in a different shops and compare them with each other and buy a equipment what you require.

What about redistribution of revenue? is a pilot project for the Open Value Network (OVN) model.

At the core of this model, we're implementing a Value Accounting System (VAS)

The VAS allows participants in a joint project/venture to log their contributions (of all types, land, time, equipment, money...) and to evaluate them in context. It also allows participants to customize a Value Equation, which governs redistribution of revenue generated.  

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