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Brian Gwin Dec 2, 3:38pm provides background on Al "Bubba" Baker's appearance on Shark Tank this coming Friday, December 6, 2013. Link to article

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Casey W. Hoy Jul 15, 7:36am

Published in this morning's Daily Record, Wooster, OH, see:


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Brian Gwin Apr 25, 7:09am

Great story in today's OCJ about how an advertisement turned into a new supply chain opportunity. Rye to  Whiskey . Relationships like these can be identified and developed by placing a business case on After harvest of the rye and straw, the question for Greg McGlinch is what's the next crop?

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Casey W. Hoy Nov 2, 3:23pm

See the linked article for an interesting event at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, supporting startups in agriculture.

We would agree that the opportunities are just as great here in Ohio!

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Casey W. Hoy Sep 24, 9:13am


USDA Deputy Secretary Kathleen Merrigan explains why USDA is supporting local and regional food systems as an economic development strategy in the following article in The Atlantic:

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Casey W. Hoy Aug 22, 8:26am

The Seedstock Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Conference will be held at UCLA Anderson School of Management on October 24th. The conference will focus on the economic opportunities as well as environmental and societal benefits of embracing, developing and investing in sustainable farms, practices, technologies and startups.

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Emily Garr Jul 13, 10:49am


Today through Monday, the Fund for Our Economic Future invites you join Northeast Ohio experts in a two-day, online forum about metrics related to Transportation and Sustainability.  Have the variables that “matter most” to the economy changed in recent years?  Are there new or different data that we should be looking at?

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Rod Crider Jul 3, 11:07am

Here is the latest issue of ED Now, a publication of the International Economic Development Council.  It contains several articles pertaining to using food and food systems to grow local economies.  I thought you would be interested in seeing them.  It does demonstrate the growing interest in this subject  and will lead (hopefully) to a broader view of “ag” economic development that includes the agbiosciences as whole.

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Susan Crowell Jun 15, 3:25pm

The Cooperative Development Center @ Kent State University is sponsoring two seminars on “Cooperatives in the Local Food Economy”. One will be held June 21 in Ravenna, Ohio; the second, June 23, in Kent. The attached .pdf offers more information. From the brochure: "The sessions are part of an ongoing
community-wide effort to connect local producers with local consumers through various projects
built around the growing, distributing, and selling local Portage County agricultural and valueadded

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Steve Fortenberry Jun 7, 8:10am

The Business Journal serves the business leaders of the Mahoning Valley, with its print edition reaching 45,000 people and its online edition having 30,000 regular readers. The Journal was at Youngstown State University's recent Sustainable Energy Forum and gave signicant coverage to an Urban Agriculture Round Table put on by Global Green.

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Casey W. Hoy Mar 8, 1:36pm



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Brad Masi Feb 16, 5:56pm


Growing the Collaborative Networks to Grow Our Local Food Economy

Convened by the New Agrarian Center and the in partnership with Lorain County Community College and the Oberlin Project

Featuring presentations and facilitation by June Holley, Founder of the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks and Jack Ricchiuto, Collaboration Designer

March 10, 2012 at Lorain County Community College Spitzer Center

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Brian Gwin Nov 16, 9:59am

The Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center is featuring an "Economics of Using and Transporting Manure" Webinar this Friday, November 18th.

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Brad Masi Aug 16, 10:19am


Sustainable Agriculture Certificate Program Announced by Lorain County Community College

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Brian Gwin Aug 11, 12:26pm

Follow this link to a recent video which includes OARDC's BioEnergy Lab and Touchstone Research Lab. The content starts at about 3:30 in the video. You will also catch a glimpse of some of quasar's pilot scale digesters.



OARDC BioEnergy Lab 

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Susan Crowell Mar 28, 1:48pm

Interesting blog post that might have some nuggets for those providing leadership to regional food/farm efforts:


Certainly, by no means complete, but food for thought (and you might want to subscribe to blog, too. I've not read it with any regularity, but sounds like it is driving down the same path we are).


Susan Crowell

Editor, Farm and Dairy

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Casey W. Hoy Jul 19, 8:53am

Charlotte Muezenberger wrote an excellent piece on one of the recent networking meetings that are catalyzing an agricultural and bioscience industry cluster in NE Ohio.  In an article in the business section of the July 18, 2010 edition of the Wooster Daily Record, she describes the project and some of the research that is fueling the network.  The project is sponsored by the Fund for Our Economic Future and is focused on building collaborative networks of locally owned businesses related to agriculture.  Read th

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Diane Shoemaker Mar 15, 10:32am

To: Wayne County farmers and persons interested in starting agricultural businesses

Do you have an idea for starting a new small or large-scale agricultural enterprise or growing an existing business?  Where do you go for resources? Are there other people in the area that have similar or complimentary ideas or businesses? Are there opportunities for these ideas and existing businesses to be brought together fo stregthen both individual businesses or business ideas and the agricultural community in the Northeast Ohio area?


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Steve Bosserman Feb 4, 11:11am
On February 8th, Ag-Bio Cluster Leadership Council (ABCLC) members will have a face-to-face session to follow-up on several topics highlighted during their previous meeting.  These items are summarized in the posting, Outcomes of Ag-Bio Cluster Leadership Council Conference Call on January 11, 2010.  Consequently, the meeting on the 8th will focus on:
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Steve Bosserman Jan 18, 2:12pm
During the January 11th Ag-Bio Cluster Leadership Council (LC) meeting, members posed a series of key questions as topics for subsequent postings and online discussions in preparation for their next meeting on February 8th.  The first question concerned local / county stakeholder meetings currently underway within the 16-county Northeast Ohio region, namely, what does the LC want from the stakeholder sessions and what can attendees expect from their participation?


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Steve Bosserman Jan 7, 10:53pm

Last summer, the Fund for Our Economic Future (FFEF) awarded a grant to the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARDC) of The Ohio State University (OSU) to establish an Agriculture-Bioscience Industry Cluster (Ag-Bio Cluster) in Northeast Ohio (NEO).  The goal of this cluster is to make a clear and positive impact on the Advance NorthEast Ohio (ANEO) / FFEF Economic Dashboard, namely, increase capability through a skilled workforce and R&D, commercialize technologies, and assu

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Steve Bosserman Nov 15, 10:31am

As a result of the Ag-Bio Cluster Leadership Council (ABCLC) meeting on October 14th, a series of three articles about business models and business cases were posted to the ABCLC group on the Local Food Systems (LFS) site:

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Steve Bosserman Oct 9, 11:09am

Ag-Bio Cluster Leadership Council Meeting 

Date: Monday, October 12, 2009

Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Hines Hill Conference Center

Address: 1403 W. Hines Hill Road Peninsula, Ohio 44264 (map below)



9:00 AM:

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Casey W. Hoy Sep 15, 4:49pm

I've attached to this posting the graphics from my presentation on the history of our project and how it relates to our USDA grant from yesterday's Leadership Council meeting.  They may help keep the project in perspective and please feel free to share them if it would help to engage others in our efforts.  I would agree entirely with Rod and Stu's assessment, it was a great start yesterday and we very much appreciated the talent, commitment and energy in the room.  I'm looking forward to working with you all!

Kind regards,