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Brian Gwin Nov 28, 5:58am

An exceptional, national story about Great Lakes Brewing Company on In this case, access to low cost physical capital was a primary contributor to their project. Since then social, natural, intellectual and individual capital have been and continue to be invested towards wealth creation in the neighborhood.

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Brian Gwin Aug 14, 7:30am

Ohio Country Journal provides a report from this years Manure Science Review. Be sure to check out the Nutrient Boom which can apply in standing corn. There is not mention of variable rate, section controls or application mapping, however this should be possible either on the unit or remotely from a base station at the reel.

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Brian Gwin Jun 19, 12:10pm

Note the challenges of the Hack // Meat event in Palo Alto, CA from June 21 to 23, 2013. List of challenges link. The challenge offered by Applegate also pertains to accessing capital(s) such as land.

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Brian Gwin Jun 13, 9:23am

The Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium Initiative has launched an interactive game to allow anyone to contribute to the regional priority and planning process. This is a great way for those involved in agbiosciences to contribute without the travel and time commitments which are necessary to attend community meetings.

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Brian Gwin May 14, 5:41am

Today's OCJ Digital Dale featured a nice ten point piece on Brazilian Agriculture.

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Shauna Brummet May 9, 9:34am

Interesting NY Times article about Pittsburgh area chefs using local foods.

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Brian Gwin Feb 22, 8:13am

TQHP is a tenant of Cornell's Technology Farm that a group NEO producers visited when touring farm based anaerobic digesters in western NY a couple of years ago. Would the economics of this process be changed significantly enough if a source of waste heat such as a large landfill gensets or industrial building were available. Also posted this as an example of an emerging company that sought crowdfunding to support their research needs.