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National Food Hub Survey, Link and Request to Participate

... hubs, continuing to lend credence to food hubs as crucial triple bottom line businesses. We need your help. Food hub models vary ...

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Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator

... to healthy, sustainable, and profitable businesses- a triple bottom line. In short, incubator kitchens create local sustainable jobs ...

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Four Thousand NEW Jobs in the Ag-Bio Industry Cluster of NE Ohio by 2015? Why not!

... for greater investment potential, sustainability, and triple bottom line impact Community Investment Portfolio (CIP) ...

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The Inevitable Consequence of Distance between Food Production and Food Consumption

... based on their total performance according to the triple bottom line of social, environmental, and economic measure.  In ... a major opportunity to redefine success according to the triple bottom line.  It is also a way for people to have satisfying careers in ...

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