Join Forces and Collaborate

Tools for this section are under development

The idea here is for entrepreneurs, business supporters, and community members to join forces and begin work toward launching many businesses. We encourage entrepreneurs to start working together now, starting with contacting each other.

Use the Business Cluster Map to find other entrepreneurs who could be your suppliers or customers, they’re connected to your business case on the map (the lines between dots). Email them using the form that pops up on the map.

See if you can:

  • Work together to launch both of your businesses.
  • Help each other find support for developing your businesses.
  • Develop a better case for investors than a single business could going it alone

For those that support business development or are willing to contribute their time, knowledge, or money to getting these businesses started, you can make the service public by adding business support services.

We want your help though. What do you need, especially as a group of entrepreneurs, to better position your businesses for launch? The next step will be finding capital for the entire group, what would help you prepare for that? There are no crazy ideas here. This is an opportunity to talk directly with the development team, and help us help you.