Help with "Log in"



First time login:

Once you have joined and received an email with a temporary password, you can complete your login. Clicking login takes you to the “User account” page.

1. Enter additional information including your self-selected, private password, upload a picture, and select emailing options for your groups.

2. Be sure to click the “Post” button to complete the login. 

Normal login:

Clicking on login takes you to the “User account” page.

1. Enter your user name and password and click on “Log in.”

2. Then from the right side vertical menu, select your desired ACTION.

3. Or for background INFORMATION, select from the horizontal menu across the top.



Our philosophy is to sponsor collaborative action, member learning, and open communication.   

The more complete your profile, the better people can find you and the more easily you can develop networks. 

When you log in, you are automatically recognized as a member, giving you access to all of the site’s features.


Heads up!

1. Once you become a member, information you enter about yourself will be available to others, which is the point of professional networking.

2. Be sure you are logged in each time you come to the site.

3. Some browsers are set to log you in automatically.

4. If the right menu reads, “Login” then you must do so.  If it reads “Log out” then you are already logged in.