Help with "Read or reply to messages or posts"


Clicking on “Read or reply to post or message” takes you to the “All posts across the site”  page. 

1. Click on a message title to go to that message’s page, where you can read and, if you choose, comment on the message.

2. To comment, scroll down to the “Comments” section of the window.

3. Indicate the subject of your comment.

4. Then enter your comment in the indicated space.

5. Click “Preview” to make sure it looks as you intended.

6. A new window opens showing your post.

7. To edit, continue scrolling down to the edit window.

8. Make desired changes.

9. If you want others to see your comment, be sure that the “Disable Notifications” box is NOT checked.(oh, and forgive us the double negative!)

10. Once you are ready, click “Post” to add your comment to the thread and send a message to others.


Supports communication among members of a group without having to assemble email lists or manage potentially problematic message details on your own.  Replying or commenting to messages creates a “threaded discussion” where the ideas of all responders can be seen and considered.


Heads up!

1. A successful post results from taking care of a short sequence of options about the message and its audience.

2. Be sure to preview your message as formatting can shift, especially for any information imported or pasted in from other sources.

3. Note that the edit window is below the window showing your post.

4. Be sure to hit the “Post” button or your entry will be lost..