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Tech Sprout Program

Tech Sprout is a small grant program designed to help technology ideas move towards commercialization. The fund, which is administered by Braintree Business Development Center in Mansfield, Ohio, has a regional focus for technology based economic development in Northeast Ohio. Awards are made to help early stage entrepreneurs move through the progress of business development by providing resources to help validate the technology and assistance in developing the business model. Awards can be used for a variety of purposes including prototyping, patents, testing, and outside experts. Tech Sprout uses competitive funding rounds to determine grantees. Applicants will work with mentors to develop or refine the business model that accompanies the technology and will portray both at the presentation event where each business will be evaluated for funding.

The Tech Sprout Micro Grant program will provide grants to companies in Northeast Ohio at the following levels;

Companies in the 21 county region of northeast Ohio up to $2000
Braintree tenant companies up to $6000

Round 1 FY 2012
Application Deadline: Feb 21, 2012
Presentation Date: March 16, 2012 

Round 2 FY 2012
Application Deadline: May 18, 2012,
Presentation Date: June 22, 2012

If you are intersted in the Tech Sprout program please use the link below to submit an initial inquiry form.


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