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Nelson Bandy Dec 18, 11:11am

I have been working on compiling a list of licensed dairy processors in Ohio, specifically the Northeast region, and adding them as existing businesses to the Ohio Livestock Product Processors' collaborative portfolio.  The portfolio now has an extensive list of businesses that produce, process, ship, and sell dairy products.  If anyone is interested, this could be very helpful in branching out and making new business connections.  Join the Ohio Livestock Product Processors' portfolio to gain access to this list of businesses.

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Michelle Ajamian ... Aug 28, 12:44pm

Shagbark Seed & Mill, a regional scale certified organic seed and flour mill famous for using only Ohio Grown, chemical free, or certified organic crops, is in the running for a $10,000 prize from Martha Stewart's American Made contest. Please go HERE to vote up to six times a day (you must register the first time in), and help the expansion efforts of Shagbark Seed & Mill!


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Michelle & Brandon


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Hannah Whitehead Jul 31, 12:21pm

Save the date!

Join OSU's Agroecosystem Management Program and Organic Valley on September 24th for an oilseed pressing workshop at Mellinger Farm, including a demonstration of Organic Valley's mobile seed press.

We will cold-press seed from the canola, sunflower, flax and camelina grown in research plots at Mellinger farm, and will share our experiences working with these crops. 

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Brian Gwin Jul 31, 10:13am

Wisconsin report on the pasture based industry including market opportunities.

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Leah Miller Jul 2, 10:58am

Check out the collaboration between regional supermarket, Cornell University and five artisan cheesemaker products on Wegmans' shelves.  It is focusing on developing the next evolution of New York State's Dairy industry.  What is the next evolution in the Ohio dairy industry?  Maybe we need to start some disucssion and action items around Ohio's dairy sector.  What should our focus be?

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Brian Gwin Jun 19, 12:10pm

Note the challenges of the Hack // Meat event in Palo Alto, CA from June 21 to 23, 2013. List of challenges link. The challenge offered by Applegate also pertains to accessing capital(s) such as land.

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Brian Gwin Jun 18, 9:03am

Today's Digital Dale featured Lorain County's Grim Dairy, a seasonal operation focused on production increases while lowering costs through rotational grazing. Link to article

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Brian Gwin Jan 21, 6:09pm
Registration is now open for the “Food Safety for Artisan Cheesemaking: Advanced Risk Reduction Practices & Programs”.
Tuesday, Febru
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Brian Gwin Jan 17, 9:53am


USDA Finalizes New Microloan Program - Microloans up to $35,000 aim to assist small farmers, veterans, and disadvantaged producers.

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Brian Gwin Aug 28, 3:11pm

The value add dairy processing group now has a a folder system (below the calendar) into which you are welcome to contribute studies, presentations and example business plans for public access. For now there are three folders, however you are welcome to add a new main folder or subfolders. Thanks to group member Kristin Taylor for the connection to Dr. Nicole Olynk's reports which are in the Market Opportunity Reports folder.

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Brian Gwin Mar 29, 4:00pm

You may find this report based upon the Pioneer Valley, Mass area of interest. It focuses on the economic development opportunites as well as the environmental and social aspects of maintaining regional dairy production.

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John Bailey Jun 13, 11:11am

OUR LOCALE - Please add your profile to your  state.  Seeking volunteer state administrators!

Please volunteer for your state.  We only need one admin per state and we have plenty of states left!

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John Bailey Feb 20, 3:18am

We will market the heck out of you and it will always be 100% Free.

Can you feel the Local Food Momentum starting to Grow?


We can!




John Bailey

Executive Director

Top 10 Produce LLC &

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Sandra Chenal Dec 22, 10:59am

Crossroads RC&D, Tuscarwas County CVB, Farm Bureau, and local Chamber are pulling together a local network to enhance agribusinsess development, local food connections, and consumer services.   The planning committee is meeting Jan 6 in Dover, to plan for networking, project idea generation meeting that will be held in Feb.  If you are interested, email me and i will get you on the invite list!

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Leah Miller Aug 3, 1:16pm

The following is a brief summary of the House version of comprehensive food safety bill that passed in July. If you are involved in grain or livestock at farm level, direct marketing to farmers market, restaurants or grocery stores, you might want to follow what is in the House version and what is being proposed for the Senate version. A comprehensive food safety bill that gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) additional new authorities to take preventative steps to stop foodborne illnesses passed the U.S.

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Megan Shoenfelt Jan 5, 3:57pm

Warner Grant 2009 - Call for Proposals

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Michelle Ajamian ... Dec 26, 7:47pm

Kellogg funded this on-line course about how to frame the work of promoting local food systems. It's a commitment to sit through, but there are some key findings in the research that can inform how we talk/write/communicate about the benefits of local systems and the consequences of the mega systems that dominate our food sources.  Check it out at---

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Michelle Ajamian ... Dec 12, 2:34pm

I just spoke with Lisa Hamler-Fugitt from Second Harvest to learn more about how we can ensure the growing local/regional food movement doesn't leave the most food insecure folks in the dust and she directed me to the Ohio Second Harvest Food Bank Agricultural Clearance program.Here's the website that tells more and who to contact should you have a surplus of nutritious food in your field.


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Michelle Ajamian ... Dec 10, 7:40pm

Hey Everybody,

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Brian Schlatter Sep 26, 9:03am

I just came acrossed this website this morning It is a listing site like local harvest but just for PA. I was wondering what others opions were on starting something like this or if there is something out there already that could be expanded. This could be a nice start for those in Ohio that are looking for local products but are not sure where to start.


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Brian Schlatter Jun 2, 5:52pm

From the first meeting with LEAP, the Value Added Dairy committee had 3 main points that they wanted to work on. On May 31st we held a strategy session to determine where to go from there. After much discussion and lots of comments the group decided to concentrate there efforts on two areas, for a presentation at the Stinner Summit in September.

1) A list of vendors, suppliers, resources for those who are making, planning, or who are thinking about doing some kind of value added dairy.