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Nelson Bandy Dec 18, 11:28am

I have been working on compiling a list of licensed meat processors in Ohio, specifically from the Northeast region, and adding them as existing businesses to the Ohio Livestock Product Processors' collaborative portfolio.  The portfolio now has an extensive list of businesses that produce, process, ship, and sell meat products.  If anyone is interested, this could be very helpful in branching out and making new business connections.  Join the Ohio Livestock Product Processors' portfolio to gain access to this list of businesses.

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Steve Fortenberry Sep 12, 10:37am

By definition, social entrepreneurs have a bigger picture in view than creating wealth for themselves: they often seek to create economic opportunity for those who are socially disadvantaged, even while seeking to change entire systems.

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Brian Gwin Jun 19, 12:10pm

Note the challenges of the Hack // Meat event in Palo Alto, CA from June 21 to 23, 2013. List of challenges link. The challenge offered by Applegate also pertains to accessing capital(s) such as land.

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Casey W. Hoy Apr 19, 3:19pm


Another good set of articles on meat processing...


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Brian Gwin Oct 10, 10:17am

Article about a Red Meat Market which is a branded meat service. Bundling with other products or CSA programs is certainly an alternative.

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Casey W. Hoy Jun 12, 7:41am

The Wallace Center offers a series of webinars on food system opportunities.  The next in the series is 

Grass-Fed Beef:  the Business Case, June 21, 2012

A brief description:  The Wallace Center has been conducting research into supply chain and policy constraints in the grass-fed beef industry, particularly related to production. It is clear that the domestic production of pastured beef is significantly lower than the domestic demand.

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Grant Short May 16, 4:45pm

If you are within a reasonable distance of the Thumb area of Michigan and would like to discuss the potential for going into business together to build an Organic Vegtable Farm together, please contact me: and learn more.

I am looking for a GROUP of people to take on a land contract on a 40 acre parcel of property to develop into a working model for people to learn from. I hope to find individuals who are just as passionate as I am about self-sufficiency in both resources and Energy! 

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John Bailey Jun 15, 5:57pm

We have organizations that support the local food movement highlighted in the states where they volunteer one hour per month to act as state admin.  Would like the honor of Ohio?


Go to 1) Sign in 2) Join the ohio group 3) Email and we will add you as the Ohio State Administators.

Others, if you state is not spoken for and you want to throw your support behing the localfood movement, this is a great way to do so. 

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John Bailey Jun 13, 11:11am

OUR LOCALE - Please add your profile to your  state.  Seeking volunteer state administrators!

Please volunteer for your state.  We only need one admin per state and we have plenty of states left!

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John Bailey Feb 20, 3:18am

We will market the heck out of you and it will always be 100% Free.

Can you feel the Local Food Momentum starting to Grow?


We can!




John Bailey

Executive Director

Top 10 Produce LLC &

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Megan Shoenfelt Sep 28, 2:40pm

A meeting has been scheduled for Thursday afternoon, October 1st from 1 to 2pm at Ohio Dept of Agriculture to discuss various grant possibilities for a MPU project with USDA rep Deb Rausch. Amalie Lipstreu with ODA, has organized the meeting so members of the poultry processing work group - and anyone else having an interest in the development of additional processing capacity - can discuss the opportunities.

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Megan Shoenfelt Aug 14, 10:05am

I wanted to forward this article about "The Green Taam" to the meat processing and other working groups of Local Food Systems. Amalia and Ariella participated in many of the Mobile Processing Unit (MPU) meetings and discusions which were held at OARDC this past year. The Cleveland Jewish News featured their new enterprise in a recent edition. 

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Leah Miller Aug 3, 1:16pm

The following is a brief summary of the House version of comprehensive food safety bill that passed in July. If you are involved in grain or livestock at farm level, direct marketing to farmers market, restaurants or grocery stores, you might want to follow what is in the House version and what is being proposed for the Senate version. A comprehensive food safety bill that gives the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) additional new authorities to take preventative steps to stop foodborne illnesses passed the U.S.

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Steve Bosserman Feb 26, 7:01pm

February 25, 2009

Brooklyn’s New Culinary Movement


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Megan Shoenfelt Feb 19, 1:49pm

A meeting was held February 11, 2009 to continue the planning for a mobile poultry processing unit here in Ohio. The meeting notes are attached.

John Anderson, from the Animal Science dept here at OARDC forwarded this notice about an upcoming webinar sponsored by Penn State:

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Megan Shoenfelt Jan 5, 3:57pm

Warner Grant 2009 - Call for Proposals

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Steve Bosserman Apr 13, 5:59pm

Recently, I have had several conversations about local foods with refugee-immigrants from a wide range of African nations who are currently living in the central Ohio area. Whether from the Horn of Africa in the east to Nigeria, Ghana, and Cameroon in the west, they show a keen interest in locally produced, processed, and prepared foods, especially those that come from or are closely akin to what they had available in their native lands.

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Meiki Wollni Feb 29, 3:04pm

Strengthen and Expand Ohio's Meat Processing Infrastructure to Benefit Producers, Traditional Consumers and Emerging Cultural Communities