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Area Coverage of DataThe first tool aggregates all information on to be used by entrepreneurs, business supporters, and existing businesses to assess the current and potential business environment in their areas of interest.
Information is not available in all geographic areas.Below you will find a map of the separate features and the available data. Please note that the business ecosystem information works anywhere in the world, the representation on the map is only recent activity.

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Baltimore, Fairfield County60 x 54 MilesFebruary 17th, 2015 01:44
Gasper, Ohio12 x 14 MilesFebruary 13th, 2015 09:55
Girard, Trumbull County36 x 28 MilesFebruary 11th, 2015 03:30
Trumbull County, United States17 x 13 MilesFebruary 11th, 2015 03:30
Tipton, Cedar County92 x 73 MilesFebruary 8th, 2015 05:28

Business Ecosystem: current and planned

Inputs being planned in your area

The most frequently entered input/output needs are the largest/boldest terms in the word clouds.

Outputs being planned in your area

Unmet inputs in your area for new business opportunities

The most frequently entered, but unfulfilled, input/output needs are the largest/boldest terms in the word clouds.

Unmet outputs in your area for new business opportunities

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Existing Jobs and Income

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Potential Jobs and Income

Total Jobs : 1.25
Number of Businesses : 12
Total Payroll : $15,000
Average Income : $4,000
Total Investment : $750,000

Business Cases by Category
Number of Businesses
Production 61
Processing 74
Logistics and Distribution 24
Marketing 37
Waste Handling /Recycling 14
Renewable Energy 9
Services 53
Undefined 9
Business Cases by Type
Number of Business
Business Idea 78
Business Expansion 60
Existing Business 57
Undefined 7

Agricultural Inventory and Opportunities

Agricultural Inventory and Opportunities

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Agricultural Inventory Maps

Cropland Data

Crops in your area of interest

AgStats Data

Ag Stats of your area of interest