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2018 Warner Grants for Sustainable Agriculture Application

The Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) Sustainable Agriculture Team and Agroecosystems Management Program (AMP) are offering interdisciplinary grants to promote on-farm research in sustainable agriculture. This program is made available through the Paul C. and Edna H. Warner Endowment Fund established specifically for on-farm research in sustainable agriculture related to crop (agronomic and horticultural) and animal production systems that are intended for human consumption.

The deadline of the proposal is Monday, March 5, 2018.

Web Development Status Report for SCRI meeting Oct 7, 2010

 Web development update:

Comparing business development paradigms

Title: Comparing Business Development Paradigms Authors: Paul B. Hartzog, Sam Rose, Richard C. Adler Web: The Forward Foundation http://www.forwardfound.org License: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

Why you never see people complaining about "knowledge overload"...

This post is not just about "quantity does not equal quality". This is about volume of information and how it can affect decision quality. It's also about a more scaleable and sustainable ecology and economy for your activities online.

Proposal from Forward Foundation and Open Kollab

This proposal was co authored by Sam Rose, Paul Hartzog, Suresh Fernando and Matt Cooperrider. Respectively of http://forwardfound.org/ and http://openkollab.com

We (Forward Foundation and Open Kollab) propose to partner to carry out the tasks outlined below to achieve proposed deliverables as participants in the grant that is proposed by Parwinder Grewal, Ph.D. ULEP Administrator The Ohio State University.


Public Produce

This public radio interview might be of interest:


Darrin Nordahl: "Public Produce" (Island Press)

Urban agriculture: A city designer explains how growing food in urban, public spaces can help feed the hungry, supplement the existing agribusiness model, and promote good health for all.

Redesign your farmers market winners

Check out the winning ideas in this great contest that challenged people around the world to redesign their farmers markets.



One example from Los Angeles:

Some thoughts about Michigan, Local Currencies, and Emerging Markets

(note: this was originally an email to Steve Bosserman and some others, that I have edited and reposted here -- Sam Rose)



Veggie trader

Greg Boulos of http://pasa.org passed this on yesterday:




"What is it?

Local Food Systems Web and Network Architecture

Yesterday, and todya, Paul Hartzog and I architected the basic building blocks of Local Food Systems network architecture.


The idea here is to be able to make very flexible and useful architecture, that can be easily added to over time, and that can be used both on localfoodsystems.org *and* elsewhere. 

The system accepts multiple inputs, processes in many useful ways, and generates multiple outputs. The system is made entirely of open source software.

Here's a graphical represention of the architecture:

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