LPE Manure Use and Transport Webinar

The Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center is featuring an "Economics of Using and Transporting Manure" Webinar this Friday, November 18th.

Also through the OCAMM Odds and Ends, Mary Wicks has identified a webinar today by Libby Dayton, OSU School of Natural Resources, will discuss the Phosphorus (P) Risk index, a field-based planning tool that integrates soil properties, hydrology and agricultural management practices to assess the risk of P movement from soil to water.  This will likely be archeived for later viewing http://ohiowatersheds.osu.edu/_registration/nps/managing-nutrients.php

Also highlighted in Odds and Ends is the Dane County Community AD Project which includes a Phosphorus removal system. The removal of P was a critical concern withon the community and a major driver in their initial analysis of alternatives for the watershed. http://www.manuremanager.com/content/view/3974/138/

Thanks Mary and OCAMM for pulling ODDS and ENDS together http://oardc.osu.edu/ocamm/t01_pageview/Home.htm