Opportunities in agriculture recognized by top economic development organization

Published in this morning's Daily Record, Wooster, OH, see: http://the-daily-record.com/opinion/2013/07/15/commentary-northeast-ohio-ripe-for-ag-investment



By BRAD WHITEHEAD Fund for Our Economic Future  

Just a couple of key quotes: 

..."Separate research sponsored by the Fund highlights that some of those potential "new" driver industries are in the agricultural-bioscience sector. The ag-bio sector is large, diverse and complex -- and therefore hard to influence. The research identified 12 potential markets -- including dairy, food safety and specialty vegetables -- ripe for growth that presently account for 19,000 jobs and $3.6 billion in economic output. For reference, that's about 6,000 more people than currently work in the automotive parts manufacturing sector in Northeast Ohio. We are talking about a very large business opportunity with many jobs."

..."We hope leadership from the private, public and civic sectors will join us in taking a deeper look into the promise of these sectors and help shape strategies that protect and enhance some of our region's most important economic assets: our soils, plants and livestock. They are part of the recipe that will make a growing, opportunity-rich economy for the people of Northeast Ohio.

Brad Whitehead is the president of Fund for Our Economic Future, an organiztion that unites philanthropy to support Advance Northeast Ohio, the region's ecnomic competitiveness agenda."