La Ferme

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My name is Ryan Boeding.   The name of my business idea, La Ferme, is only a partial name.  It is a reference to my admiration for French language and culture, and my current profession,; teaching.  

NEO Existing Business

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Kevin Armstrong has developed a process for uploading CSV files (including from xls) to collaborative groups on LFS. There are four public, but limited access examples now posted to the site. I have added you to one or two (NEO packaged foods and snacks and / or NEO juice, beer, wine and spirits). You are welcome to request access to NEO Breads and NEO Candies. The information from these comes via the diligent work of Alba to aggregate and clean multiple data sets.


Employees: 2
Line of Business: Mfg Canned Specialties

Supply Chain Category: 


Business Location: 

310 N Wooster Ave
44622-2950 Dover , OH 40° 31' 21.7092" N, 81° 28' 36.6528" W


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