Help with "Home Page"


Opening the website or logging in or clicking on “Home” takes you to the “Home” page of the Local Food System’s website. 

1. Welcome!

2. Horizontal menu bars across the top provide background information.

3. Vertical menu bars on the left are “Action” links, and are the primary means of navigating the site. Click on any item to open that page.

4. Each link in the vertical, “Action”  menu has a help popup page.  Click “Help with this page”  to read, “how,” “why” and “heads up.”  

5. By adjusting window sizes on your screen, you can simultaneously view the help explanation and enter data on the page.  You don’t have to jump back and forth to follow the help guidelines.

6. We are pleased to have you as a participant in this rapidly growing network and hope you find the networking tools on this site helpful and easy to use.

7. If you are not a member and wish to join, click “Join.”

8. If you are already a member, click “Login”

9. If the link on the right says “Log out,” that means you are already logged in.


1. Our help menu includes the more familiar “How” information, but also includes a “Why” and a “Heads up” for each menu function as needed.

2. The “Why” information is intended to help you see the applications of these networking tools to your professional interests.

3. The “Heads up” information alerts you to important individual steps or functions that can sometimes be overlooked (e.g., clicking “Post”).

Heads up!

Any time you enter or change information in a window, you will need to click “Post” at the bottom pf the page to enact your intentions.