Help with "Join"


1. Clicking on “Join” from the right side menu bar takes you to the “User account” page.

2. Enter a user name and the email address you wish to use for messages.

3. Keep track of your user name; you may need it to log in each time, depending on your browser’s settings.

4. Check the respective boxes of the groups you wish to join.

5. Below the groups box, provide information about yourself: organization, position, etc. 

6. Then enter the “captcha” code, duplicating upper and lower case.

7. Click on “Create new account” at the bottom of the page.

8. You will receive an email with a temporary password good for a one-time login.  



1. Membership helps you to fully use the local food systems (LFS) site.   

2. Becoming a member of the LFS site allows you to meet, communicate, and collaborate with others so as to advance your interests in the local food systems.  

3. Please note we do not share your personal information with any other entity, but with the exception of your user name and password other site members can see your information and photo. 

4. But that’s the point of professional networking!


Heads Up!

Keep track of your user name!   hange your temporary password right away to something you can easily remember.