Help with "My groups"


Clicking on “Post new message”  takes you to the “Create message entry” page.

1. Enter the title of intended in the first box. 

2. Enter message tags.essage tags are words or phrases that would signal to web searchers what your posting is about. Examples include: organic poultry production, goat cheese, local food systems curriculum.

3. Write message in “Body” window.  Formatting tools are provided.

4. Click “Preview” to review and/or edit your message.

5. Edit as needed in the lower window.

6. Select groups to receive the message.

7. Choose “File attachments” if you wish to attach a file such as a spreadsheet or word document.

8. Finally click “Post.”

9. As the author of this post, you will receive immediately an email announcing your new posting.

10. However, individual members of each group to whom the post is sent will receive an announcement of the post only according to their established preferences for email notifications.



1. Initiates communication among members of a group without having to assemble email lists or manage potentially problematic message details on your own. A successful post results from taking care of a short sequence of options about the message and its audience.
2. Message tags allow web browsers to find your message based on key words, called “tags.”  An example tag would be “mobile poultry processing.”


Heads up!

1. A successful post results from taking care of a short sequence of options about the message and its audience.

2. Be sure to preview your message as formatting can shift, especially for any information imported or pasted in from other sources.

3. If the “public” box is checked, your post will be visible to everyone on the site and most will receive an email notification.

4. Be sure to hit the “Post” button to put your message up on the site.


Help with "My groups"


1. This page displays a list all groups of which you are a member and allows you to customize email settings for each group. You can also view the members of each group and dis-enroll from a group.

2. Click on the appropriate radio button for each group to set the frequency with which you receive email announcements of new postings to that particular group.

a. Choosing "immediately" means that as soon as any new posting has been made to that group, you will receive an email message.

b. Choosing "hourly," "daily," or "weekly" will result in you receiving by email a digest -- a list of all new postings to that group -- only at the indicated time interval.

c. Choosing "never" means you have to go to the Local Food System site to check for any new postings for that group.

3. You can also view the membership list for each of your groups by clicking on the number next to "View members for this group."

4. You can also dis-enroll from any group by clicking on the "Leave group" link.

5. Be sure to click "Post" at the bottom of the page to save your entries.

6. Make sure you have activated the "I DO want to receive an email" option on the "Email settings" page. To get to this page, click on the "Email settings" tab in the upper portion of the window.

7. Wish to join a new group? Click on the "Groups" link at the very top of the browser's window.


Users have requested the option to manage the frequency of email messages from each of their groups. Now you can!

Heads up!

As always, be sure to click on the "Post" button at the bottom of the window to enact selections or changes.