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Advance Cuyahoga County Agriculture

Cuyahoga County Ag-Bio Business Cases

Morgan Taggart 40 Join
Advance Lorain County Agriculture

Lorain County Ag-Bio Business Cases

Brad Masi 58 Join
Advance Mahoning County Agriculture

Mahoning County Ag-Bio Business Cases

Elsa Higby 38 Join
Advance NorthEast Ohio Partners

This is a networking group for partners in the Northeast Ohio region.

Casey W. Hoy 271 Join
Advance Stark County Agriculture

Stark County Ag-Bio Business Cases

Michelle Spain 34 Join
Advance Summit County Agriculture

Summit County Ag-Bio Business Cases

Darwin P. Kelsey 35 Join
Advance Wayne County Agriculture

Wayne County Ag-Bio Business Cases

Rod Crider 43 Join
Ag Success Team of Wayne County

Diverse group of members devoted to supporting Wayne County agriculture

Barb Chapin 245 Join
Akron Grows Community Gardening

Discussion, questions and collaboration about Akron/Summit County community gardening

Denise Ellsworth 23 Join
Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative (ASFC)

Networking to build a staple bean, seed and grain food system in Appalachia

Michelle Ajamian ... 65 Join
Cincinnati Local Foods Group

Celebrating the Ohio Valley Foodshed!

Valerie Taylor 25 Join
Cincinnati Regional Food Congress - March 2009

A group for the planning committee of the Food Congress to encompass delegates from the Tri-state area around Cincinnati, Ohio.

Clare Norwood 12 Join
Circles of Support Pilot Project

Urban healthy food access

Sara Ward 15 Join
Coalition for Food Abundance in Pittsburgh Wiki

Helping Pittsburgh connect with the various organizations working towards sustainable and secure local food systems.

web admin 6 Join
Consumer-driven production practices, consumer education opportunities, educational needs for the producer

Consumer-driven production practices, consumer education opportunities, educational needs for the producer

Leah Miller 67 Join
Dismantling Structural Racism in the Food System

This group supports academic-activist collaboration toward an equitable and just food system

Casey W. Hoy 4 Join
Entrepreneurs in Agriculture

Growing businesses in local food systems

Abbe Turner 105 Join
Expanding meat processing capabilities to meet the needs of consumers, processors, and diverse cultural preferences

Expanding meat processing capabilities to meet the needs of consumers, processors, and diverse cultural preferences

Francis Fluharty 45 Join
Faith-Based Food and Agriculture Initiatives

A central place for discussion and networking on faith-led food and farming initiatives

Claire Hermann 13 Join
Farm Impossible

The popular show Restaurant:Impossible reconfigured to focus on farms

Chester Bowling 20 Join
Farm to Institutional Food Service

Increasing connections between farms and institutional food services serving schools, businesses, government and others.

Thomas Redfern 39 Join
Farm to School Ohio

A forum for sharing information on farm to school activities in Ohio

Shoshanah Inwood 27 Join
Farm to School PA

A forum for sharing information on farm to school activities in Pennsylvania

Cassandra Morgan 2 Join
FFA Agrientrepreneurship

This is a group for FFA and Agrientrepreneurship students to exchange ideas and share information. Welcome!

Anne Scott 20 Join
Food Desert issues in Urban and Rural Communities

A working group to collaboratively discuss issues, resources and projects relating to Food Deserts in both urban and rural communites in Ohio.

Megan Shoenfelt 9 Join
Green and Growing Initiative

Roundtable on Urban Farming in Columbus, Ohio Hosted by State Representative W. Carlton Weddington

Steve Bosserman 27 Join
Greener Acres

Local Food Systems Business Development in the Columbus, Ohio Area

Steve Bosserman 25 Join
Holmes Value-Added Agriculture

Identifying business resources and opportunities for value-added agriculture in Holmes County, Ohio

Leah Miller 7 Join
Inner City Wellness and Local Foods

Improving the health and well being of inner city communities and residents through local food system development

Ross MacDonald 24 Join
Kentucky Entrepreneurial Coaches Institute

Our goal is to work with volunteer local leaders and give them the tools to strengthen an entrepreneurial culture

Brian Gwin 6 Join
LFS Philadelphia Working Group

Local Food Systems, Inc. working group for business process discovery and technical design discussion

Sam Earle 3 Request membership
LFS Storytellers

Features a collection of stories about local food entrepreneurs written by project interns.

Ross MacDonald 29 Join
Local Food Systems Computer Modeling, GIS, Data(mining) group

Exploring everything related to technology applications for Computer Simulation, GIS and Datamining of local food systems

web admin 35 Join
Local Food Technology & Software

A space to talk about the growing number of solutions which are addressing the many needs of local & sustainable food systems

Sam Rye 2 Join
Logistics, particularly transportation for increasing volume of local foods

Logistics, particularly transportation for increasing volume of local foods

Trevor Clatterbuck 48 Join
Marketing and Education, relative to any foods

Marketing and Education, relative to any foods

Sylvia Zimmerman 79 Join
MASCRI Environmental

MASCRI Environmental Group

web admin 20 Join
MASCRI Health Benefits

MASCRI Health Benefits Group

web admin 81 Join
MASCRI Innovation

MASCRI Innovation Group

web admin 38 Join
MASCRI Markets

MASCRI Markets

web admin 87 Join
MASCRI Technology

MASCRI Technology group

web admin 33 Join
MI Culinary Tourism 2010 Conference Planning

A group to facilitate planning for the January 2010 Michigan Culinary Tourism Conference

Susan Smalley 2 Request membership
NE Ohio Livestock Renewable Energy

Livestock Anaerobic Digester and other Farm Based Biomass to Energy Projects

Brian Gwin 26 Join
NEO Food Congress 2008

This group serves as the hosting site for the NEO Food Congress Planning Group

Matt Russell 37 Join
NEO Packaged Foods and Snacks Networking

Public Group for Package Foods and Snacks Discussions and Business Case Promotion

Brian Gwin 1 Join
Networking and Collaborating Tools Development

Networking and Collaborating Tools Development

web admin 29 Join
Non-GMO Feed to Farmer

Developing supply chains for farmers who prefer GMO-free livestock feed

Casey W. Hoy 15 Join
Organic Nutrient Management Value Network

Fostering the effective utilization of waste nutrients from agricultural, food processing and municipal waste streams.

Brian Gwin 23 Request membership
OSASN, Ohio Sustainable Agriculture Students Network

This is a networking group for future, current and past students of sustainable agriculture at Ohio colleges and universities

Casey W. Hoy 1 Join
OSU Faculty & Staff

This group simplifies communication among the Ohio State University subscribers

Casey W. Hoy 52 Request membership
Permaculture-based, and small farm production biofuels

People and projects interested in production of biofuels via "permaculture"

web admin 10 Join
Pittsburgh Community Garden Coordinators

for community garden leaders to communicate about community building and best garden practices

Jeff Newman 5 Join
Real Food, Real Local, Real Good Institute

A project to share support for local food systems

Natalie Woodroofe 13 Join
Regional, National and International Partners

Participants from outside OH, MI, PA, the main focus area for our current efforts, interested in collaboration on food systems and networks

Casey W. Hoy 27 Join
Scalable Perennial Polyculture

The project is an attempt to provide an alternative to annual monoculture farming. Instead we focus to establish perennial polyculture agroecosystems.

Patrick O'Connell 4 Join
Scaling up Local Foods

Educators working to increase the amount of local food in supply chains beyond direct marketing

Susan Smalley 29 Join
Seeds Of Significance

There is a growing movement in Columbus that works toward nourishing the soul, as well as the body, and strives to improve the lives of every child an

P. Je`sus Patrick 1 Request membership
SLOW MONEY NEO (Cleveland and Beyond)

SLOW MONEY NEO is a part of SLOW MONEY OHIO Chapter connecting investors and entrepreneurs

Jan Litterst 27 Join
Small Grains Information Clearing House

Assemble and distribute information on a wide range of small grain crops.

Jeannine Snyder 34 Join
Small Scale Farming Permaculture

Small Farming Permaculture

web admin 39 Join
Stinner Summit IV Project

This group is contributing in various ways to the project chosen at the 4th Annual Stinner Summit.

Casey W. Hoy 11 Join
Stinner Summit V Project - Youngstown Eats

This group will implement and report on the results of the highest priority project proposed at the 5th Annual Stinner Summit, Youngstown Eats

Casey W. Hoy 11 Join
Summit Food Policy Coalition

Networking and collaborating to build area food resources

Denise Ellsworth 55 Join
Summit Urban Farming Initiative

networking and partnerships for Akron-area urban farming enterprises

Denise Ellsworth 29 Join
Sustainable Local Economic Development

Capture, Consider, and Collaborate on Ways to Develop Sustainable Local Economies

Steve Bosserman 51 Join
The Akron Cooperative

The Akron Cooperative supports the development of "Recovery" Gardens, Community Gardens, Urban Market Farming, and a people's Cooperative Food Market.

Lawrence A. Parker 4 Join
The Erie Wire's Harvest Vision

This group is focused on building the local food system within Erie County around organic principled cooperatives and community supported agriculture.

Erie Wire 23 Join
The Urbiculture Foundation

Permaculture in the City

Ron McCorkle 2 Join
Top 10 Produce LLC National Ning Network

Ning Network Connecting National Groups Supporting the Local Food Movement Under One Umbrella

John Bailey 5 Join
Tuscarawas County Local Foodshed Initiative Project

For producers, growers, individuals, and businesses in T-County dedicated to promoting local food systems

Jen Kneuss 28 Join
Urban and Suburban Agriculture

Everything related to urban and suburban agriculture, business models, techniques, opportunities, and urban revitalization through food production

web admin 54 Join
Urban Landscape and Ecology Program (ULEP) Collaboration Forum

Open forum for ULEP conference participants and their colleagues and contacts to take advantage of opportunities through online collaboration

Parwinder Grewal 27 Join
Value added dairy processing

Value added dairy processing

Brian Schlatter 51 Join
Value-added Processing (all foods)

Value-added Processing (all foods)

Amalie Lipstreu 99 Join
Western PA Shared Commercial Kitchen/Value-Added Processing Network

A network of individuals and organizations developing shared commercial kitchens in the region. Share progress, resources, and collaborate.

Leah Smith 3 Join
Western Pennsylvania Farmers Market Managers

Connect with other farmers market managers to share ideas, ask questions, and collaborate

Leah Smith 6 Request membership
Youth in Local Food Systems

Focuses on supporting formal and informal education, mentoring, occupational and business development opportunities for youth.

Ross MacDonald 32 Join