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Casey W. Hoy Jul 15, 7:36am

Published in this morning's Daily Record, Wooster, OH, see:


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Shauna Brummet May 9, 9:34am

Interesting NY Times article about Pittsburgh area chefs using local foods.

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Casey W. Hoy Aug 22, 8:26am

The Seedstock Sustainable Agriculture Innovation Conference will be held at UCLA Anderson School of Management on October 24th. The conference will focus on the economic opportunities as well as environmental and societal benefits of embracing, developing and investing in sustainable farms, practices, technologies and startups.

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Casey W. Hoy Mar 15, 5:18pm

Hale Farm and Village, in Bath, Ohio, is looking for someone who can coordinate their farm programs.  Knowlege and skill with 19th century techniques, modern animal welfare standards, and educating the public about farming would all be important attributes for the candidate.  Housing on or near Hale Farm may be available to the coordinator.  Please pass the attached position description along to those who might have the interest and ability.  (you'll need to click the link and log in to download the attachment)

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Jill Clark Feb 20, 10:31am

The Center for Farmland Policy Innovation at The Ohio State University will be hosting a statewide meeting of local food policy councils on Thursday, April 26th in Columbus on the campus of Ohio State.  Our guest speaker will be Mark Winne (, one of the top national leaders on food policy councils and various food policy issues.  

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Dan Remley May 17, 2:53pm

In Butler County we are developing a mobile farmers market with a strong focus on nutrition and horticulture education. The name of the project is Produce on Wheels for Eating Right (POWER). I have attached the vision, mission, and goals.

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Denise Ellsworth Jan 21, 11:55am




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Jeff Sharp Nov 5, 2:54pm

Of possible interest to potential graduate students interested in studying local food systems.


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Denise Ellsworth Oct 26, 7:44am

This promises to be an excellent workshop on December 14th in Bellville, Ohio.

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Casey W. Hoy Mar 4, 1:36pm

The Agricultural and Technical Institute in Wooster Ohio will be offering a new course entitle "Principles of Sustainable Agriculture" this coming spring.  The course will be offered on Thursday evenings From April 1 - June 3 and will provide a practical foundation for those interested in learning more and applying principles that balance the economic, social and environmental dimensions of farming.  These principles apply regardless of scale, location (rural to urban) or what the farm produces.  The course will be taught by Brad Masi, who brings a wealth of experie

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Denise Ellsworth Feb 23, 10:43am

Join fellow local food enthusiasts for a day-long workshop on March 10th in Summit County. This session will introduce participants to the history and development of the local food movement in Ohio. Participants will learn about resources and tools to support local food system development.

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web admin Feb 11, 10:21am

Title: Comparing Business Development Paradigms Authors: Paul B. Hartzog, Sam Rose, Richard C. Adler Web: The Forward Foundation License: Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike

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Steve Bosserman Feb 4, 11:11am
On February 8th, Ag-Bio Cluster Leadership Council (ABCLC) members will have a face-to-face session to follow-up on several topics highlighted during their previous meeting.  These items are summarized in the posting, Outcomes of Ag-Bio Cluster Leadership Council Conference Call on January 11, 2010.  Consequently, the meeting on the 8th will focus on:
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Denise Ellsworth Feb 1, 11:09am

Growing Organically program coming to northern Summit County 

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Parwinder Grewal Nov 19, 10:25am


Hi All,  

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Chester Bowling Sep 23, 2:41pm