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Steve Bosserman Jul 7, 1:14pm

An article in today's (7 July 2009) Flint Journal entitled Flint to consider ordinance changes to enhance urban agriculture represents yet another time over the past couple of months when Flint and its interest in urban farming have made the news.  The Flint mayor, planning commissioner, and city council members among others are promoting urban agriculture and urban ecology as means to transform Flint's urban blight into an aesthetically pleasing, functional, and sustainable metropolitan land

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Steve Bosserman Jul 2, 2:11pm


Just posted is a draft of the letter of request for membership nominations to the Ag-Bio Cluster Leadership Council.  This is a wiki page which means you can edit directly on the page, post your changes to the group through a separate message, or add a comment to this particular message.  Regardless, submit your feedback so it is taken into consideration with future drafts.

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Casey W. Hoy Jul 2, 2:02pm

Last November 3, we met at Corporate College in Cleveland to discuss a
green, sustainability agenda for inclusion in the Advance Northeast
Ohio Plan.  Brian Gwin, Steve Bosserman and I shared a vision for
building local economies in Northeast Ohio starting with local food
systems, leading to renewable energy and distributed manufacturing with
renewable raw materials from the region's agricultural lands.  We're
delighted to share with you the news that the project has been
supported by the Fund for Our Economic Future.  A summary of the

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Casey W. Hoy Jun 30, 5:32pm

There is an executive summary available on the Advance Northeast Ohio website for our project.  The attached summary has been edited a bit and inludes updated graphics from our original proposal.  Please have a look and let me know if there are any changes or clarifications needed.  If not I'll pass it along to Chris Thompson and post it for the world to see on the Advance NorthEast Ohio Partners group.  thanks,


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Casey W. Hoy Jun 30, 4:17pm

LFS Storytellers
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Casey W. Hoy Jun 26, 3:05pm

Alayne Reitman shared the following article and asked, "Can the region take
advantage of our water? Can we be a center for innovation and
manufacturing in support of what may be developed?"  I just returned from a week of work with USDA and these multiple benefits of agriculture, including carbon and water
storage, figure prominently in the direction that the USDA grant
programs are taking. The most recent one, Ecosystem Services, was a
combined program with EPA in which carbon sequestration figured

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Casey W. Hoy Jun 26, 1:41pm

Brad Masi and the New Agrarian Center offer two workshops this summer, Stawbale Greenhouse Construction and Permaculture Design Certification Training.  The flyers are attached (you'll need to follow the link if you're reading this in your email) and for more information or to enroll contact Brad Masi at

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Steve Bosserman Jun 25, 8:48pm

Since the last Green and Growing meeting on 8 June 2008, numerous conversations have occurred that centered on a strategic framework for the initiative. Such a framework outlines the purpose, principles, and goals upon which future steps are effectively taken, efficiently coordinated and well-leveraged. Furthermore, it honors the good efforts put forth by many groups and individuals thus far with the initiative and it sets an inviting stage that enrolls wider participation.

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Callie Hopkins Jun 23, 2:37pm

Ross, the other interns and I spent some time brainstorming our ideas for the stories we want to tell.  We’re aiming for about ten in the next seven and a half weeks.  Please give us some feedback about which ideas you think are best, which stories you think people need to hear, etc.  These are our ideas so far:

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Steve Bosserman Jun 20, 3:54pm

The NY Times for Friday, 19 June 2009 included an article entitled For Colleges, Small Cuts Add Up to Big Savings by Tamar Lewin.  The College of Wooster and Oberlin College were mentioned for their cost-cutting measures such as summer jobs for students in landscaping and vegetable gardening along with reductions in food services as noted in the following quote from the article:

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Joshua Kramer Jun 19, 9:31pm

Hello Everybody,

I was given the link to Local Food Systems by a reporter at the Mount Vernon News.  What an interesting site!

I have a question.  It seems like most of the data being discussed here comes from external sources - GIS data, Census data, etc.  What applications can you think of for data coming directly from the farms and businesses they serve?

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Callie Hopkins Jun 19, 2:40pm

Callie Hopkins 

Mentor: Dr.Casey Hoy

Co-mentor: Dr.Ross MacDonald

Project Proposal


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Casey W. Hoy Jun 18, 11:14am


LFS Storytellers
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Steve Bosserman Jun 12, 6:01pm

The attached PDF file of the Community Gardening Toolkit was distributed in hard copy at the June 8, 2009 Urban Agriculture / Farming Roundtable meeting.  This document was written by Bill KcKelvey, MU Extension Associate, as part of the Healthy Lifestyle Initiative.  It is available for online viewing or download on the MU Extension website.

Thanks to Susan Shockey, OSU Extension, for providing this information at the meeting!

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Steve Bosserman Jun 12, 4:07pm

Green and Growing Initiative Draft Proposal "Quick Start"

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Steve Bosserman Jun 12, 3:48pm

Some of the key items covered in the minutes:

  • Creating North Market in the Linden Area and incorporating indigenous cultures within the building.
  • Presenting in front of the school board – Implementing education within the new STEM school
  • Get young people to man the gardens, as well as the two beehives
  • Continue to put together the proposal, which may not be submitted now


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Steve Bosserman Jun 12, 3:32pm


  • Want to have an opportunity for fresh produce within the inner city
  • Get there by teaching a new means of entrepreneurship
  • Want fresh produce rather than beer and wine and junk food in our neighborhood stores
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Rachel Myers Jun 11, 12:49pm

The OARDC Mid-Week Farmers Market, in its third week of existence, occurs on Wednesday afternoons from 3-6.  Beyond the basic goal of selling local produce to consumers, the market’s other objective is to be a learning experience for all involved.