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Michelle Ajamian ... May 28, 6:31pm

Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative Meeting Notes
Monday May 18, 2009 5:30-7:30 PM @ ACEnet
These notes are posted on Ohio Food Shed. Please join!

Michelle Ajamian
Sarah Conley, Athens Farmers Market Manager
Larry Burmeister, OU Global Leadership, Rural Sociologist
Ronda Clark, Director Community Food Initiatives
Robin Stewart, Voinovich School of Leadership

Project Updates
GRANTS updates-

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Steve Bosserman May 10, 11:10am

Currently, there are over 320 members of the network and the number keeps growing!  Along with increasing membership comes an even wider readership by those who visit the site to catch-up on current postings or see what calendar events are going on, but not necessarily to join.  No matter what people do when they come to the site, it is evident that what brought them to it, in part, is a shared interest in what's happening within the local foods movement.

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web admin May 5, 8:15am

(note: this was originally an email to Steve Bosserman and some others, that I have edited and reposted here -- Sam Rose)



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Michelle Ajamian ... Apr 23, 6:11pm

We are looking for contacts, agencies and reguations that oversee the processing, milling, storage and sales of staple seed crops like flour, beans, oil seed, oil, etc. If anyone can point us to the right people so we can start accumlating data and regs (i.e. weights and measures, state dept of ag, etc), please post a reply here.


Michelle & Brandon

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Steve Bosserman Apr 20, 12:28pm

What happens when an irresistible force meets an unmovable object? 
What happens to the status quo when millions of people, one by one,
post their views, share their experiences, and cast their votes via
forums and exchanges on the Internet?  Barack Obama is elected
president, climate change becomes a universal concern, and Susan Boyle,
previously unknown, gains global stardom overnight.  Who would have
thought such outcomes were possible in light of conventional wisdom to
the contrary?  Yet, these illustrate the power people have through

Greener Acres
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web admin Apr 14, 1:52pm

Greg Boulos of passed this on yesterday:


"What is it?

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Casey W. Hoy Apr 10, 3:34pm

Manufacturing has developed some principles that can be applied to local food systems.  The point is not that we're interested in producing more food widgets, its that efficiency (energy, water, nutrients, etc.) is very important in the design, operation and ultimate success.  Here's an example of application of these principles from the OSU Fisher College of Business.  And kudos to Thom Stevenson and Chef Mark Newton for bringing this expertise to the table.  An excerpt:

"Greg Leach's project could help farmers across Ohio.

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web admin Apr 4, 3:05pm

Yesterday, and todya, Paul Hartzog and I architected the basic building blocks of Local Food Systems network architecture.


The idea here is to be able to make very flexible and useful architecture, that can be easily added to over time, and that can be used both on *and* elsewhere. 

The system accepts multiple inputs, processes in many useful ways, and generates multiple outputs. The system is made entirely of open source software.

Here's a graphical represention of the architecture:

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Michelle Ajamian ... Apr 4, 11:55am

Hi to all-

Since most of you are around the state or even in other states, we wanted to post our press release about grants we received to study public land use and staple food system needs in our region. I've pasted in the release as it went out to local papers yesterday...


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Robert Fedyski Mar 28, 5:15pm

I realize this is short notice, but I just got the info from Warren a couple of hours ago.


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web admin Mar 24, 8:03am

The first urban farm in Cleveland. About 55,000 square feet, will
probably produce anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 per year.

Resources are mostly culled from discarded materials. Old tanks, leaf refuse from suburban lawns, etc

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web admin Mar 22, 12:07pm

I am changing this post to a stated need to connect people with knowledge about creating web presences, prefably using open source software when possible.This was  stated need at

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Megan Shoenfelt Feb 19, 1:49pm

A meeting was held February 11, 2009 to continue the planning for a mobile poultry processing unit here in Ohio. The meeting notes are attached.

John Anderson, from the Animal Science dept here at OARDC forwarded this notice about an upcoming webinar sponsored by Penn State:

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Michelle Ajamian ... Feb 7, 11:29am

Greetings. In the adventure of introducing and supporting alternative grain agriculture in Southeastern Ohio, I am now in the
processing infrastructure research phase, and I keep hearing that both
buckwheat and spelt require a special de-hulling process that is
somehow more complicated than other grains and pseudo-cereals.

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Michelle Ajamian ... Feb 7, 11:23am

I am working on putting together a coherent "context" section for presentations and grant proposals that tells the story of how we lost our localized staple food production (grains, beans, and oilseeds).

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Amalie Lipstreu Feb 5, 4:13pm

Leslie Schaller, Consultant and Director of AceNet's Food
Venture Center will be presenting at a state level meeting next
Wednesday, February 18th from 10-12:00 at the Ohio Department of

If you are in any stage of the process of developing
a Food Business Incubator - or "shared use commercial
kitchen". please join us.--see attachment

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Casey W. Hoy Jan 12, 11:16am

We appreciate the opportunity to have met with you on November 3.  It is our considered opinion that our exchanges during that meeting moved us closer to consensus on a green agenda for the Advance Northeast Ohio (ANEO) plan.  Unfortunately, a follow-up conference call to give you an update in December on our two core initiatives was not possible.  In lieu of that the following note summarizes our progress to date as we launch the USDA-SCRI grant and reflects on a presentation we made to the Business Attraction, Retention and Entrepreneurship (BARE) Committee of the Fund for our Economic Futur

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Steve Bosserman Jan 10, 1:00pm

Permaculture Research Institute for Cold Climate

Mission: The Permaculture Research Institute for Cold Climate promotes the
creation and refinement of sustainable models of human settlement in
cold temperate climates.

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Steve Bosserman Jan 3, 8:47pm

Participation in Local Food Systems

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Steve Bosserman Jan 2, 11:33am

Fresh Ohio promotes local food, wine

Posted by Sue Bielawski January 02, 2009 09:00AM

To promote Ohio's cuisine, wineries, organic produce and the arts, the Lorain, Medina and Wayne County Convention and Visitor's Bureaus have formed "Fresh Ohio."