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Casey W. Hoy Jun 12, 7:41am

The Wallace Center offers a series of webinars on food system opportunities.  The next in the series is 

Grass-Fed Beef:  the Business Case, June 21, 2012

A brief description:  The Wallace Center has been conducting research into supply chain and policy constraints in the grass-fed beef industry, particularly related to production. It is clear that the domestic production of pastured beef is significantly lower than the domestic demand.

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Steve Fortenberry Jun 7, 8:10am

The Business Journal serves the business leaders of the Mahoning Valley, with its print edition reaching 45,000 people and its online edition having 30,000 regular readers. The Journal was at Youngstown State University's recent Sustainable Energy Forum and gave signicant coverage to an Urban Agriculture Round Table put on by Global Green.

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Meagan Tehua Jun 6, 3:55pm

Preparations are being made for our first taste test next week.  Below is an overview and update. ~Meagan

Our Food, Our Valley, Our Future: 
Healthy cafeteria choices from farms close to home

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Laura Mayer Jun 1, 10:44am

I just joined TAC today because I am very interested in advocating local food/businesses and getting the community involved. I was thrilled when I came across your website and saw all of the programs that you offer! I am a graduate of Ohio University in Athens, Ohio with a degree in nutrition/dietetics. While attending Ohio University, I took part in Community Food Initiative summer camp in a low income housing community where we taught the children how to garden, cook the food they grew, taught them nutrition lessons, and they were able to sell their produce at our local farmers market.

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Brian Gwin May 31, 10:30am

Link to an archieved webinar on the National Good Food Network site.

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Brian Gwin May 30, 2:19pm

Processing kitchen with farm to school connections. Also staff available for processing. Video link

Farm to School Ohio
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Brian Gwin May 30, 7:16am

The Swank Program in Rural - Urban Policy has published a second brief related to the Shale Energy opportunites for Ohio.

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Steve Fortenberry May 15, 7:26am

Hello Everyone,

Our GG staff person taking the lead on this project, Meagan Zuene Tehua, is spending much of her time on this right now.

We agree with Casey's assessment that an expansion of the YE project would make for a solid Farm to School proposal and so much of the ground work for the proposal is already done. Even so, as we pull things together, we hope that this group can look over the proposal and provide feedback.

Steve Fortenberry

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Casey W. Hoy May 10, 8:29am

The following grant program should be of interest.  


Department of Agriculture
Food and Nutrition Service
Farm to School Grant Program
Modification 5

Vital statistics are:

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Michelle Ajamian ... May 2, 1:48pm
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Brian Gwin Apr 12, 9:43am

Those involved in the "Greater Wayne County" dairy sector may enjoy this JD Furrow article about the Fair Oaks Dairy Adventure Center

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Brian Gwin Apr 4, 8:33am

Here is a document which provides the links to recent Ohio Manure Technology Workshop presentations. Thanks to OSU Extension, the sponsors and many presentors for delivering this high quality program. or download the attachment

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Dan Morgan Apr 3, 3:08pm

Hello Fellow Locavores!

After getting one of Ohio's only True Farm Stay businesses off the ground, entering our 5th season, we are open to selling the farm, property and business to the right buyer...

farm stay

Dan Morgan

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Brian Gwin Mar 29, 4:00pm

You may find this report based upon the Pioneer Valley, Mass area of interest. It focuses on the economic development opportunites as well as the environmental and social aspects of maintaining regional dairy production.

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Meagan Tehua Mar 22, 11:45am

Goodness Grows is moving forward with Youngstown Eats a project to determine and develop "healthy cafeteria choices from farms close to home."  We have food service and school leaders on board for student taste tests in June and July. The workplan and timeline are listed below. 

We also proposed a project to the Ohio Environmental Education Fund that would expand the effort to include more student education and food service collaboration.  The funding for "Taste your Watershed" will be decided by late March at the Ohio EPA.

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Sam Rye Mar 21, 7:17pm

Hi people!

We're looking forward to hearing about all the solutions out there for the myriad opportunities to use technology to create a better food system.  We've got our own ideas, but we also love to follow what else is going on in this space - some good places to follow are defintiely:

Food + Tech Connect (great blog!)

FastCoExist - regular updates about world changing business & ideas (not all on food)

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Jan Litterst Mar 21, 4:07pm

Monday, April 2 at SPICE 5800 Detroit Avenue in the Gordon Square Neighborhood of Cleveland.  Register @

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Casey W. Hoy Mar 15, 5:18pm

Hale Farm and Village, in Bath, Ohio, is looking for someone who can coordinate their farm programs.  Knowlege and skill with 19th century techniques, modern animal welfare standards, and educating the public about farming would all be important attributes for the candidate.  Housing on or near Hale Farm may be available to the coordinator.  Please pass the attached position description along to those who might have the interest and ability.  (you'll need to click the link and log in to download the attachment)

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Brian Gwin Mar 15, 1:10pm

Follow this link to over 6 hours of content featuring some of the nations top anaerobic digestion system developers and industry financial experts.

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Laurie Scoblionko Mar 5, 4:26pm

Are you an experienced SPIN-type  or Urban Farmer?  If you are interested in consulting (or partnering) pls contact me asap 614.296.5405.  The Greener Gardener is a launching micor business w/enrolled customers, and my own 5+ acres in a commercial area. Solid, well finaced business. 614.296.5405