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Brian Gwin Feb 28, 1:05pm

Attached you will find a document produced in conjunction with a Manure to Energy Summit held in Maryland last year. It includes profiles of various systems as well as policy suggestions. Obviously, NE Ohio has a different set of economic, environmental and social factors which might lead to additional or alternative recommendations.

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Jan Litterst Feb 23, 12:08pm

As a new group, SLOW MONEY NEO, as a part of the SLOW MONEY OHIO CHAPTER, is beginning to grow.......


Step 1:      Visit the SLOW MONEY website -- where you can learn about the concept and its beginning as well as information about its founder, Woody Tasch.

Step 2:     While on the website, visit the SLOW MONEY PRINCIPLES.  If it agrees with your values, please sign.  Don't leave the website yet.....

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Casey W. Hoy Feb 20, 6:01pm

I was telling Kari Moore about this biomimicry-based technique for optimizing transportation routes, and figured the rest of this group might be interested as well, so I'm posting here rather than just emailing Kari.  Most of the work so far has been done in Europe, but we do have some OSU Fisher School of Business faculty who are beginning to work with this algorithm.  

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Casey W. Hoy Feb 20, 5:25pm

Greetings, Just checking in with the group that was working on the Stinner Summit V project, Youngstown Eats.  Has there been any word on the Community Food Project proposal, any action on the project since the proposal was submitted, or other news?  Thanks, looking forward to hearing how it's going.


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Jill Clark Feb 20, 10:31am

The Center for Farmland Policy Innovation at The Ohio State University will be hosting a statewide meeting of local food policy councils on Thursday, April 26th in Columbus on the campus of Ohio State.  Our guest speaker will be Mark Winne (, one of the top national leaders on food policy councils and various food policy issues.  

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Brad Masi Feb 16, 5:56pm


Growing the Collaborative Networks to Grow Our Local Food Economy

Convened by the New Agrarian Center and the in partnership with Lorain County Community College and the Oberlin Project

Featuring presentations and facilitation by June Holley, Founder of the Appalachian Center for Economic Networks and Jack Ricchiuto, Collaboration Designer

March 10, 2012 at Lorain County Community College Spitzer Center

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Brian Gwin Feb 13, 1:48pm

For those of you in Western Ohio / Indiana interested in nutrient managment and renewable energy systems, here is a great one day workshop sponsored by AG Soultions and OSUE

Monday, March 19th
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Knights of St John Hall - 8608 St. Rt. 119, Maria Stein, Ohio
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Brian Gwin Feb 10, 3:35pm

Upcoming small grant opportunity which has applicability to livestock systems.

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Brian Gwin Feb 10, 3:05pm


Excellent full day workshop related to advanced technologies in manaure management. Hosted by Ohio Bioproducts Innovation Center, OSU Extension and Ohio Compost and Manure Management as well as Ohio Soybean Council.
Manure Technology Workshop
Tuesday, March 20, 1012
9:15 am to 3:15 pm
Fisher Auditorium
OARDC Campus, Ohio State University
1680 Madison Avenue, Wooster, Ohio
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Jen Kneuss Feb 5, 11:23pm

Anyone else involved in local agriculture/sustainability here in T-County interested in once again getting the "local foods sustainability network" up and running again? The group was launched, but follow-up meetings were never scheduled by the initial organizers - although one of those groups lost their funding last year, admittedly. A big frustration is the lack of interest in T-County in heirlooms or willingness to purchase these at the local markets! Any comments on this?

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Casey W. Hoy Jan 21, 10:11am

We'd encourage you to nework through to develop proposals for this important opportunity in the agricultural biosciences.

Sent on behalf of USDA Ohio Rural Development State Director J. Anthony Logan
Contact: Heather Hartley, Public Affairs Office 614-255-2394


USDA Invites Applications for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Projects


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Leah Miller Jan 18, 3:59pm

We will be meeting on January 24, 2012 at the Millersburg Mennonite Church(288 E. Jackson St.), Millersburg, Ohio.  Our discussion will be  identifying current and potential business enterprises that could support and relate to each other by using local agricultural product and ag related enterprises. These ideas and businesses would help form business ecosystems around agriculture.   Nathan Hilbert and I will be working with you to start mapping the ideas and resources we have and what might be needed to move folks together.

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Brian Gwin Jan 17, 7:45pm

Announced this past week is a CIG opportunity focused on nutrient trading programs.

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Casey W. Hoy Jan 14, 11:42am

Mary Holmes sent me a note regarding the launch of Edible Cleveland, a publication that focuses on Cleveland and regional agriculture and food issues.  She suggested that it may be a good place to share the work of the Ag Success team of Wayne County. See the details here: 

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Jen Kneuss Dec 8, 12:44pm

The growing season has slowed rapidly with the cold weather - thankful for a long, rather mild fall which kept things green and growing longer! Grass has definitely slowed, as evident by the impatience of the cows on BOTH farms this morning - escapees at both places were our wake up call this AM.

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Brian Gwin Nov 16, 9:59am

The Livestock and Poultry Environmental Learning Center is featuring an "Economics of Using and Transporting Manure" Webinar this Friday, November 18th.

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Brian Gwin Oct 27, 6:18am

Congratulations to a half dozen Ohio projects receiving USDA REAP Grants and Loans. Leading the nation in Anaerobic Digestion development.