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Brian Gwin Oct 23, 7:44pm

Please share your favorite examples of effective nutrient management from research reports, publications, websites, webinars and other resources. Categories we are looking to enhance are;

Sources - Information relative to identifying organic nutrient sources including ways to estimate / confirm / assure annual availability.

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Brian Gwin Oct 18, 5:57pm

Check out the attachment and feel free to comment on the opportunities for new partnerships and business cases surrounding the effective management of organic nutrients. 

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Brian Gwin Sep 23, 7:52am

Ag Success Team Members,


On October 5th, WEDC will be hosting its Agricultural Tour for Business and Industry. This year's route, while within a compact geography, is filled with cutting edge R&D, entrepreneurial activities and value added agricultural processing. Please encourage key clients, organizational leaders and business partners to attend with you.

Brian, John and Tom.


WEDC Ag Tour

October 5, 2011

Starts at  7:30 am meet in the OARDC Fisher Parking Lot

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Megan Shoenfelt Sep 19, 8:51am

Dear friends and colleagues,

We'll gather again on October 7 for another rewarding day of working together towards Ben Stinner's vision of healthier agroecosystems and sustainable communities.

Please have a look at the attached invitation to the 5th Annual Stinner Summit and join us if you can. Follow the links to register on-line.

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Brad Masi Aug 16, 10:19am


Sustainable Agriculture Certificate Program Announced by Lorain County Community College

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Brian Gwin Aug 13, 3:18pm

Photos of Buckwheat, Corn, Edamame (Pods), Melons, Peanuts, Peppers, Potatoes, Pumpkins and Squash.

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Brian Gwin Aug 11, 12:26pm

Follow this link to a recent video which includes OARDC's BioEnergy Lab and Touchstone Research Lab. The content starts at about 3:30 in the video. You will also catch a glimpse of some of quasar's pilot scale digesters.



OARDC BioEnergy Lab 

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Brian Gwin Aug 4, 8:10am

Just a quick posting of a few Buckwheat, Edamame, and Melon within the 20' wide strips of the Stinner Summit plot. The Edamame has been flowering for a few weeks and pods are beginning to form well. The Buckwheat was planted during a timeframe that would be comparable to after wheat harvest as a demo of cover crop or for grain purposes. Melons are still struggling with the impacts of heavy rains following planting. See some beginning to form.

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Hannah Daneshvar Aug 1, 12:49pm

Mission Statement and Project Aims

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Bob Haugen Jul 27, 2:39pm

I posted this message in the Logistics group, in response to Sam Earle's message entitled "Supply Chain and Technology".  Reposting since I did not include some other groups that might be interested.

This is administrative software for groups of producers who pool their food and distribute to many customers.

Also manages food processing.

Developed with and for several local food networks in the US and Canada.

Up and running.  Source code available.

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Brad Masi Jul 27, 7:40am

to Promote Local Food and Economic Development in
Oberlin and Lorain County

Friday, August 5th

65 South Main Street
Oberlin, OH 44074

A Community Investment Portfolio (CIP) is a tool for promoting community collaboration and coordination in the development of local food and energy systems.

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Brian Gwin Jul 17, 6:26am

Here are two photos of the Stinner Summit plot from yesterday. The corn has been in the ground six weeks and edamame five.

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Barb Chapin Jul 13, 11:40am


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To All 2011 Local Sponsors,

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Kobi Quaye Jun 27, 12:19pm


Participants: Casey Hoy, Brian Gwin, Bill Boyer, Bob Recker, Ron Becker, Rouf Mian, Ron Fioritto, Hannah Daneshvar, Kobi Quaye

Since the beginning of the project only three weeks ago, much has been accomplished in the field that we have been conducting research in.  After meeting with Roger Gwin, the owner of the field in which we are performing the project and Brian’s father, we immediately begin preparations for planting. 

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Hannah Daneshvar Jun 27, 8:07am

Unfortunately, I was not able to upload all of the photos and schematics together as one post. So saying, I have created this complementary post with the attached documentation for Wednesday.

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Hannah Daneshvar Jun 27, 7:47am

2PM-4PM. Casey Hoy, Brian Gwin, Ron Becker, Bob Recker, Bill Boyer, Hannah Daneshvar, Kobi Quaye. 

At two in the afternoon, we met at Shreve to discuss and prepare the Sunlight Portal Project as well as gauge how the rain had impacted our plots in the field. There was much water in the field (see images, below), and some of the watermelon plants required replacement. However, there was overall growth: Bill's potatoes and peanuts have sprouted, the corn measures about a half foot in height, the muskmelon plants look sturdy, and the edamame is coming along nicely.

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Brian Gwin Jun 15, 9:44pm

Even with the late season corn planting, the Stinner Summit IV plots are progressing well with the help of the OARDC AMP Team.

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Casey W. Hoy Jun 9, 9:40am



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Barb Chapin Jun 2, 11:13am

The Ohio State University Center for Farmland Policy Innovation is soliciting proposal for our 2011 Community-Based Agricultural Economic Development (CBAED) planning grants.  For more information, please visit