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Dan Remley May 17, 2:53pm

In Butler County we are developing a mobile farmers market with a strong focus on nutrition and horticulture education. The name of the project is Produce on Wheels for Eating Right (POWER). I have attached the vision, mission, and goals.

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Grant Short May 16, 4:45pm

If you are within a reasonable distance of the Thumb area of Michigan and would like to discuss the potential for going into business together to build an Organic Vegtable Farm together, please contact me: and learn more.

I am looking for a GROUP of people to take on a land contract on a 40 acre parcel of property to develop into a working model for people to learn from. I hope to find individuals who are just as passionate as I am about self-sufficiency in both resources and Energy! 

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Jim Converse Apr 19, 4:22pm

The market moves inside through Dec. 24th with fall veggies, apples, baked goods, and value added products.   1105 Elm Street inside First Unitarian Universalist Church  through patio. Hours 10:00 - Noon.  

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Susan Crowell Mar 28, 1:48pm

Interesting blog post that might have some nuggets for those providing leadership to regional food/farm efforts:


Certainly, by no means complete, but food for thought (and you might want to subscribe to blog, too. I've not read it with any regularity, but sounds like it is driving down the same path we are).


Susan Crowell

Editor, Farm and Dairy

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Tom Lukes Mar 23, 1:53pm

LOCATION  St. Joseph Family Center - 610 W. Exchange St. - Akron - 44302 - Summit County   

FREE  April 1 - Friday 7pm public showing of "Fresh the Movie"

FREE April 2 - Saturday 9am-2pm Town Hall meeting to begin the process of creating a shared awareness of our local food system and its gaps, launch a movement to increase access to healthy food, explore ways to strengthen the local food economy, and connect and empower Summit County residents to act collectively.

See two attached one-page pdf files for more details.

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Paula Ross Mar 22, 10:54am

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Steve Bosserman Jan 25, 5:07pm

Pinakin Desai of Memes Associates is producing a series of process flow maps with support from the USDA Specialty Crops Research Initiative, the Fund for Our Economic Future of NE Ohio, and John Deere.

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Denise Ellsworth Jan 21, 11:55am




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Casey W. Hoy Dec 22, 3:32pm

In a recent press release from the Ohio Department of Development, awards were announced for farm and food waste to energy, several connected with the Agricultural Bioscience Industry Cluster in NE Ohio.  These are excellent examples of our region's growth potential from within, connecting many locally owned enterprises into business ecosystems that minimize waste, provide for our most basic needs like food and energy, and build wealth that stays in NE Ohio.  Congratulations to the awardees, especially those most directly connected to food and agriculture...

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Dan Morgan Nov 30, 5:14pm

I trust Michael Polan on this subject

Food Safety


Dan Morgan

PS Check out the story in farm and Dairy about our place...

Farm And Dairy

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Jeff Sharp Nov 5, 2:54pm

Of possible interest to potential graduate students interested in studying local food systems.


OSU Faculty & Staff
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Denise Ellsworth Oct 26, 7:44am

This promises to be an excellent workshop on December 14th in Bellville, Ohio.

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Casey W. Hoy Oct 21, 3:19pm

Many of you have been interested in the maps that are being generated as a result of our project for the Fund for Our Economic Future, "Catalyzing and Agricultural and Bioscience Industry Cluster in Northeast Ohio".  The maps are currently being posted on the Agroecosystems Management Program website at the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center, Wooster.

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web admin Oct 7, 12:58am

 Web development update:

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Denise Ellsworth Sep 27, 1:59pm


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Avi Miner Sep 24, 1:17pm

 Hello everyone,

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Dan Morgan Sep 13, 12:53pm

Local Food Friends,

Check out this great national web site, for Farm Stays, a great concept we embraced 3 years ago and are now really enjoying.  


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Denise Ellsworth Jul 25, 10:37am

Food Preservation workshops coming up in August: