Check out training offered through eXtension

Good morning all:

I'm wondering how familiar anyone in our group is with eXtension.  I have been watching its development but not really involved.  This afternoon I plan to join their 30-minute webinar on Moodle Courses.  Another webinar that may be relevant to our work is Using Ning Groups to Improve Learning in Extension Programs, scheduled for 7/29.  I'm thinking that there may be several possibilities for linkages and leverage:

* The brief webinars may provide a model that would be useful to us for the curriculum that Ross is leading us to develop. (Or they may provide an example of what we absolutely do not want to do -- it remains to be seen.)

* There may be opportunities to develop a new Community of Interest through our project and/or to link in some way with existing Communities of Interest. 

* I'm finding that I need to push myself to become involved in the new technologies pretty much across the board.  I'm realizing how much I've become stuck in old habits. 

I'll let you know how I find today's webinar, but I encourage you to check for yourself. Also, we got our three MSU summer apprentices registered at LFS on Monday.  Two of them were with me yesterday, participating in a Rapid (Farmers) Market Assessment workshop.  I've asked them to write about that and to post it.





Hi Susan,   Do you happen to

Hi Susan,


Do you happen to have a link for eXtension? Would be interested to check it out.


Do you have plans for Moodle? I've worked with integrating Moodle and the project, and we have talked here and there in Local Food Systems about the possibility of using Moodle as a Curriculum Clearing house for educators to upload and share Curriculum content. So, was mostly just curious about how different educators are using, or thinking about using Moodle.


Moodle at OSU Extension

Susan,  The OSU Sheep Team had several extension personnel that took the training for Moodle.  I will check with them on their opinion of the use of Moodle. 


Susan, I forgot to

Susan, I forgot to mention:


If you are interested in Moodle, there is a really great and easy to use open source desktop software tool that you can use to create multi-media packages of learning curriculum


I'd like to know more about

I'd like to know more about this. Can we get a posting about the training and opinions of those who are using moodle and eXenstion?