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Brian Gwin Feb 11, 9:09am

Today's Digital Dale featured awards for two area entities. NEO Pork Producers for their outreach at the Wayne County Fair and Ag Info Tech, LLC which named Precision Farming Dealer's MVD for 2015 

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Brian Gwin Aug 5, 3:49pm

From Leah Miller on Ag Success Team meeting day. 40 maps that explain food in America.

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Casey W. Hoy Jul 10, 3:26pm

At the Ag Success Team meeting this morning I mentioned that a film made by Michael Mercil, and using footage shot at the Wayne County Fair, has been selected for an upcoming film festival.  Some of you were interested in where the film could be viewed, and if you just search on the title you'll get another film, with a very different subject matter.  

The entire film can be viewed online here:

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Brian Gwin Jun 11, 11:45am

SEA Change is NEO's new Social Enterprise Accelerator. Their list of current social enterprises features a number of businesses with a connection to the AgBio sector.

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Brian Gwin Apr 23, 2:42pm

From NorTech's Inside Innovation e-Newsletter.

Cleveland City Club panel related to Biomimicry on YouTube

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Brian Gwin Mar 25, 9:36am

How many of you saw the job fair for Urban Farmer on last night's Cleveland News?

ABC 5 post

Fox 8 website post

Urban Farmer Cleveland webiste

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Brian Gwin Mar 13, 11:24am
Here is a link to the new NIFA AFRI CARE grant. Complete details can be found in the 
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Brian Gwin Dec 2, 3:38pm provides background on Al "Bubba" Baker's appearance on Shark Tank this coming Friday, December 6, 2013. Link to article

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Brian Gwin Nov 22, 8:34am


Bob Leach opened the breakfast meeting with What Does the Farmer Say.

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Casey W. Hoy Nov 19, 11:51am

The attached minutes were approved at the Ag Success Team meeting on 11/14/13.  The next meeting will be in January 2014.

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Duane Wood Oct 17, 2:27pm

Check out the WayneSWCD Youtube area and take a look at the newest video Grassed Waterway Construction.  We hope to continue to add videos in the future about various best management practices.  We have a stream crossing video in progress, as well as more on cover crops.

Thank you,

Duane Wood

Wayne SWCD

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Brian Gwin Oct 16, 12:05pm

At last week's meeting, Roger mentioned the OSU ATI visioning. While not directly applicable to the process, here are a few links to OSU  and CFAES (2004) Master Plans. 

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Brian Gwin Sep 25, 4:14pm
USDA announced their second round of summer / fall energy grants today. Attached are the lists from each round. Most common projects include solar, lighting and grain drying. However, there are a few interesting ones such as a robotic milking system. For more details visit USDA REAP bulletin
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Steve Fortenberry Sep 12, 10:37am

By definition, social entrepreneurs have a bigger picture in view than creating wealth for themselves: they often seek to create economic opportunity for those who are socially disadvantaged, even while seeking to change entire systems.

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Brian Gwin Sep 6, 8:02am

NE Ohio based Shoup Farms is featured in today's OCJ Digital Dale. Link to the story

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Brian Gwin Aug 14, 7:30am

Ohio Country Journal provides a report from this years Manure Science Review. Be sure to check out the Nutrient Boom which can apply in standing corn. There is not mention of variable rate, section controls or application mapping, however this should be possible either on the unit or remotely from a base station at the reel.

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Hannah Whitehead Jul 31, 12:21pm

Save the date!

Join OSU's Agroecosystem Management Program and Organic Valley on September 24th for an oilseed pressing workshop at Mellinger Farm, including a demonstration of Organic Valley's mobile seed press.

We will cold-press seed from the canola, sunflower, flax and camelina grown in research plots at Mellinger farm, and will share our experiences working with these crops. 

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Casey W. Hoy Jul 15, 7:36am

Published in this morning's Daily Record, Wooster, OH, see:


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Brian Gwin Jun 19, 12:10pm

Note the challenges of the Hack // Meat event in Palo Alto, CA from June 21 to 23, 2013. List of challenges link. The challenge offered by Applegate also pertains to accessing capital(s) such as land.

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Brian Gwin Jun 18, 9:03am

Today's Digital Dale featured Lorain County's Grim Dairy, a seasonal operation focused on production increases while lowering costs through rotational grazing. Link to article

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Brian Gwin Jun 13, 9:23am

The Northeast Ohio Sustainable Communities Consortium Initiative has launched an interactive game to allow anyone to contribute to the regional priority and planning process. This is a great way for those involved in agbiosciences to contribute without the travel and time commitments which are necessary to attend community meetings.

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Brian Gwin Jun 3, 6:40am

OCJ Digital Dale video featuring an interview with Louie Rehm. Great prospective on one of NEO's most important crops, HAY. Link

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Brian Gwin Apr 25, 7:09am

Great story in today's OCJ about how an advertisement turned into a new supply chain opportunity. Rye to  Whiskey . Relationships like these can be identified and developed by placing a business case on After harvest of the rye and straw, the question for Greg McGlinch is what's the next crop?

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Brian Gwin Apr 22, 9:45am

From today's OCJ Digital Dale - The Global Impact STEM Academy (Global Impact) has begun accepting applications for their 2013-2014 school year, which begins on August 21 on the campus of Clark State Community College in Springfield.

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Brian Gwin Feb 22, 8:13am

TQHP is a tenant of Cornell's Technology Farm that a group NEO producers visited when touring farm based anaerobic digesters in western NY a couple of years ago. Would the economics of this process be changed significantly enough if a source of waste heat such as a large landfill gensets or industrial building were available. Also posted this as an example of an emerging company that sought crowdfunding to support their research needs.