Blue PIke Farm in Cleveland

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The first urban farm in Cleveland. About 55,000 square feet, will
probably produce anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 per year.

Resources are mostly culled from discarded materials. Old tanks, leaf refuse from suburban lawns, etc

Soil is conditioned with compost and worms. Farm space operator is
looking for groups that want to collaborate with operator, do research
on small plost and produce food. Apprenticships with local schools also

We discussed some of his work on rainwater runoff capture from
surrounding buildings, pumping that to an elevated hold with wind, and
then gravity feeding it to drip strips to all growing crops.

Carl has a very thrifty and effective business model, he tries to
reuse and recycle other people's stuff whenever possible, and his rule
is "Is it free, and do you deliver?" Surprisingly, the answer is often
yes over half the time.

Carl is proving that Urban Farms can produce a living wage, with an
extremely low overhead cost, in less than 2 year's time, and with most
materials recycled from discarded or unwanted items from surrounding
City and Suburbs.

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