Could Soybeans be the answer to our economic future?

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Hello, Bill Melver here - president of Akron Green Renewal Agency (AGRA)

How can Ohio get out of this economic morass that we find ourselves in - the answer is SOYBEANS.  It is this state's #2 cash crop and yet we raise it mainly for industrial use and what's left over, we feed it to cows.  Soybean is the most efficient form of proteins known to mankind.  Asians have relied on soybeans for their source of proteins for thousands of years and yet we , here in America make industrial products and feed it to animals.  Did you know that eating and getting proteins directly from soybeans is 20 times more efficient than getting it from a piece of beef?  That's because 70% of the proteins that go into a cow is spent on its metabolism - burned up and we get what's left over when we butcher it and eat the beef.  

Please join me in a new movement to promote soybeans as a real and viable people food, to be eaten daily.  Others have tried to promote this valuable source of proteins  in the past with limited success.  That's because they focused on the supply side of the equation - sort of like, if you build it, they will come or if you make it and put it on the supermarket shelf, people will buy - not true.  We have to work on the demand side of the equation.  We have to tell everyone to try it and investigate all the possibilities of soybeans and its direct products like tofu and miso.  

My new company is dedicated to this promotional effort.  Our initial focus is to promote Edamame.  Call me to discuss ideas, innovations and collaborative efforts to use soybeans to pull Ohio out of our current economic woes.  Just think, if we just increase our national consumption of soy foods by 1% ( that's doubling the current figure, as we only consume 1% of all the soybeans grown in America as people food- rest goes for cleaning agents, paints, soy ink, etc., etc.) all the new jobs and economic boost that would result in Ohio!!

Bill Melver - President, AGRA




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