Gardens Under Glass @ The Galleria

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Gardens Under Glass will be a sustainable urban EcoVillage located in the Galleria At Erieview.  Built in 1987 in the heart of downtown Cleveland, the Galleria was a two story retail center, which has transformed into a mixed use property. It is the ideal location for a project of this nature due to its structural Design that provides a year round controlled environment perfectly conducive to successful implementation.  At the project’s root is an urban farm that will use a system called re-circulating greenhouse hydroponics to grow produce such as, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, herbs, peppers, sprouts, mushrooms, and flowers.


From the Gardens will stem opportunities for urban-based businesses traditionally considered rural.  Green Minded opportunities will include:


Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurants

Garden Art & Ornamentation

Natural Health Food Store

Garden Supply Store

Retail specializing in Recycled Products

A year round indoor/downtown Farmers Market


This facility will also serve as an educational center to inform the public on the importance of Urban Gardening and harnessing alternative natural energy resources such as Solar, Wind power and rainwater.

In short, Gardens Under Glass is an urban agricultural center that will produce, inform, and educate the Cleveland community on the importance of growing green.  The gardens will in turn cultivate businesses with a similar mindset.  This combination of resources will make this a destination for the public to acquire information and purchase products that demonstrate the ease and importance of being environmentally friendly.   

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