Urban Ag Zoning Ordinances for Pittsburgh

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Hello Everyone,

I'm working as the administrative assistant for the Pittsburgh Food Policy Council.  In Pittsburgh we are currently going through a process with the city to update some of our zoning codes to make them more appropriate for urban agriculture. 

The Food Policy Council has asked me to do some research on urban agriculture zoning ordinances in other cities so we can compare them with current policy in Pittsburgh. 

More specifically I would like information on ordinances related to beekeeping, poultry and small animal livestock.  ie: lot size, number permitted, construction of beehives/chicken coops, setbacks from property lines/residences etc...

We also have concerns about allowing urban ag activities in spaces zoned for various uses.  ie: single and multi/family residential, institutional, industrial, commercial, etc.  We would like to have all of these uses zoned for urban agriculture. 



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